Hotel with pool in the Eisack Valley near Brixen

3 star hotel with pool at Naz, near Bressanone – South Tyrol

In a tranquil setting

The joys of summer: water droplets glittering on the skin, wet hair warmed by golden sunshine, and big smiles on happy faces. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a holiday at our hotel with pool so very special …

Hotel with the pool from above Pool Couple by the pool
Clear, cool, fresh water
Feeling weightless in the water

Our heated outdoor pool gives you the feeling of floating on air … A swim in the pool fills you with energy, your mind is free to wander, tensions melt away, and as if by magic, you feel this wonderful sense of lightness. Our sunbathing lawn is another place to relax, dozing in the sunshine or under the shade of the cherry or walnut trees.

Birkenbrunn Gartenanlage Garden with sitting area Pool with garden
Escape from the outside world
Energy centre

Walk barefoot through dewy grass, and see the world with the eyes of a bee.

Our garden is a paradise on earth, with its colourful flowers, lush fruit trees and fragrant herbs. Nature teaches us: life needs to rest in order to flourish. So, we invite you to take a well-deserved break: relax on the lawn, meditate under the vines, read in the lounge, have fun in the playground, or listen to the humming in the bee house or the wild bee tree.