The hosts and our story – Hotel Birkenbrunn

Naturalists and thinkers

Being hoteliers should be a pleasure.
Because it means opening the doors of your home, and your heart, to other people.

Being hoteliers is our lifeblood.
And so our hotel radiates kindness, warmth, and a love of life, but also has its share of nooks and crannies. Because we prefer sincerity to superficiality, and heartfelt words to empty phrases.

This is the secret of our hospitality:
Elisabeth, the queen bee
The beating heart of the hotel …

… who never tires and always manages to keep everything under control: you’ll see her buzzing around like a busy bee*, at the reception desk, in the breakfast and dining room, or at the bar. She’ll attend to all your needs and is also a mine of information, with lots of advice about exploring the local area and its natural wonders, including places right off the tourist beat.

❤ My favourite place: our spectacular garden, which is my real centre of well‑being

*About the bees: Elisabeth’s husband Josef keeps plenty of queen bees, but she doesn’t regard them as rivals because she loves beekeeping too.

Josef, senior chef and beekeeper
The bee whisperer …

… who achieved his dream of having his very own apiary*. A love for these black-and-yellow workers has always been in his blood, because his father Karl was also a beekeeping enthusiast. When the queen bees don’t require his “services”, Josef looks after our wonderful vegetable garden, or attends to the well-being of our guests together with his son Thomas.

❤ My favourite place: the apiary is my second home. You can watch me here while I check the hives, but always stand well back.

*About our apiary: During a guided tour (or whenever you come to visit), Josef will be happy to tell you about the fascinating world of bees.

Peter, the foundation stone
The founding father …

… of the Birkenbrunn Hotel, Grandpa Peter. He knows every corner of the building, he keeps an eye on everything and can always offer excellent advice, thanks to his wisdom and experience

Thomas, the new generation
For us, he’s the “Michelangelo of the stove” …

… because he followed in his father Josef’s footsteps, but he also brought a breath of fresh air into the kitchen.
His innovative ideas and creativity always win satisfied smiles from customers! And, sweetest of all, he has inherited his father’s enthusiasm* for bees.

❤ My favourite place: the wellness area on the top floor, and especially the bio sauna with hive air.

*Speaking of enthusiasm: Thomas has also learned to whisper to bees, and is always keen to help his father manage the hives.

Evelin, the versatile
A natural multitasker …

… she’s Thomas’ better half and mother of little Alina.
But Evelin is also the queen of reception, and the main reference point for all administrative matters. It is thanks to her organisational skills that everything works as smoothly as a Swiss watch, and that our guests are always satisfied*.

❤ My favourite place: the sunny terrace, the ideal spot to enjoy a homemade pastry or relax with an aperitif in the evening.

*Speaking of satisfaction: on difficult days, when things just don’t want to go right, we can always enjoy a slice of Evelin’s homemade cake. Then everything takes a turn for the better, and we feel ready for some new ventures!

The road to success: 50 years of hospitality, one family

Hotel 1980 Hotel Birkenbrunn 1961 Hotel - 1970 Hotel with pool 1998

1972 is the year it all began. Carpenter Peter and his wife Paula opened a small hostel with 15 rooms.
Years passed, times changed, and plans came to fruition: the building was extended, and the carpentry workshop moved to new premises.

The foundation stone for the Birkenbrunn was laid: a hotel with a bright future ahead of it.

The fruits of so much labour

Their daughter Elisabeth and husband Josef took over the business in 1996.
They had a bold project in mind, which began slowly to take shape. Following some renovation work, the 2-star guesthouse was transformed into a 3-star hotel. Filled with enthusiasm, and always working alongside, Elisabeth and Josef ran their business with dedication and sacrifice, and their efforts soon paid off.

Meanwhile, their family was also growing: Stefanie, Marion and Thomas brought a surge of energy and vitality into their home, radiating happiness. Their son Thomas followed in his father’s footsteps into the world of gastronomy, introducing novel ideas into the hotel’s cuisine.

Generational change

In 2019, the rooftop wellness area was completely refurbished. Quality standards were raised, and the hotel gained three star superior status.

Fifty years after it was established, a bright future now lies ahead: Thomas and Evelin are now running the business with all the enthusiasm and boldness of youth, but with faith in its deep roots, and with the spirit of love and unity that has always been part of our family. Pssst! With the arrival of Alina, the fourth generation is already waiting in the wings!

Who knows what the future will hold …