Hotel with half-board in South Tyrol with local products

Pleasure first …

…and then? There’s always pleasure here, from morning to evening, with all the joy and excitement in between. Our hotel in South Tyrol offers you lots of culinary treats!

But “pleasure” here is not limited to the table, it also includes that sense of fulfilment and gratitude for what life and nature have to offer; it’s an approach to living that we want to celebrate and share with you throughout your stay.

Breakfast table Dried apples Honey and jams Coffee
The most important meal and a positive start to the day:

“The early bird catches the worm,” as they say, and our bees are also well aware of that, because nectar is always sweetest when it’s wet with dew.
What about you, dear guests? You can enjoy a buffet breakfast that is lovingly prepared, and designed to satisfy all your wishes …

  • Start your day off right: aromatic coffee and special teas
  • An extra dose of vitamins: homemade juices (elderberry, cherry, grape, etc …)
  • A lighter start: different types of muesli and yoghurt
  • Nature provides: homemade jams and preserves (with fruit from our orchard)
  • A touch of crispness: fresh bread from our local baker
  • The nectar of the gods: honey in the comb, and different types of honey from our apiary
  • Succulent treats: fine selection of speck, sausages and cheeses
  • The hen that lays the golden egg: fresh egg dishes
  • For the sweet tooth: homemade cakes and range of pastries
  • No obstacles to pleasure: do you have any allergies or intolerances? If you let us know in advance, we’ll see to your needs.
Terrace with tables Coffee and cake Aperitif drink Sun lounger in the garden Bacon and a glass of wine
A place in the sun:
terrace and garden

If the sun is high in the sky and you’re feeling a bit peckish*, take a look at our little midday menu, with its choice of light dishes and snacks. Are you craving something sweet? Then treat yourself to a slice of homemade cake or a refreshing ice cream. Where? Our scenic terrace in the garden is a place to daydream and enjoy some delicious flavours.

*Lunch menu, cakes and ice creams are not included in the price

Set table Local dish Dining room Tortellini - Italian cuisine Ravioli are homemade Dessert with honey Ravioli with decoration Dessert Meat dish with side dish
Delights at the table:
the Birkenbrunn’s gourmet menu

“What comes from the heart, goes to the heart,” said the poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. And the kitchen at the hotel Birkenbrunn encapsulates the meaning of these wise words: everything that’s boiling in pots, sizzling in pans or roasting in the oven is made with love and dedication by the two house chefs, Josef and his son Thomas.

  • Pure pleasure: 4-course menu with large salad buffet
  • Summer: barbecue evenings with tasty meat specialities and various salads
  • In honour of the bee: honey-themed gala dinner with honey interlude
  • From grandma’s recipe book: South Tyrolean evenings with delicious traditional cuisine
  • From producer to consumer: we grow our own vegetables, aromatic herbs and seasonal fruit
  • Small but fine selection of wines: selected labels from the wineries of South Tyrol
Herb garden with signs Bee in the herb garden
Goodness at your fingertips:
the produce from our vegetable garden

During the summer months, senior hosts Joseph and Elisabeth cultivate the vegetable garden, ensuring a good supply of fresh, crisp vegetables such as tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins and types of salad. Thomas and Evelin, on the other hand, tend the beds of lush aromatic herbs, which fill the garden air with their fragrance.

Finally, the big fruit trees in our grounds not only offer pleasant shade in summer, but also provide delicious pears, plums, cherries, walnuts, kiwis and grapes, for us to enjoy throughout the year.